Taunton Chaplaincy and Street Pastors

Taunton Chaplaincy @ work



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The people who form Taunton Team Chaplaincy are drawn from churches across Taunton. The group that has responsibility for the running of the scheme are the Taunton Team Chaplaincy Trust, formed in 2009 with a view to developing a Christian chaplaincy in the heart of our town. Chaplains are drawn from local churches and linked with a workplace to visit with the purpose of offering friendly and supportive care to all staff. A chaplain’s main aim is to listen and take an interest in people they meet and give comfort and compassion where needed. Over a period the chaplain will get to know the staff and is accepted in the workplace as a caring friend.



A Street Pastor is a Church leader/minister or member with a concern for society who is willing to engage people where they are, in terms of their thinking and location be it on the streets, in the pubs and clubs or at parties.
Taunton Street Pastors started patrolling in the town centre in 2008 and have received a positive response from the Police and the public. They are supported by a prayer team and are on duty until 4am every weekend.