At St Michael's all free gifts of money collected during services is given away to a dedicated charity of the montth. In the year ending December 2015 a total of £10,413 was given to charities at home and overseas.  The list is drawn up annually.  If you are are registered charity and would like to be considered please ring 01823 332371 to find out more.


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Mission Support from church collections during JUNE                          



January: Bishop Henderson School Chaplaincy               August: Leprosy Mission                

February: St Michael's Emergency Fund                           September: Interserve (The Ayletts)

March:  A Rocha                                                               Harvest Service:  WaterAid
April: Open Door                                                                October: Jerusalem Peace Centre for the Blind

May: Christian Aid                                                              Remembrance Service: The British Legion                               

June Taunton Foodbank                                                    November: Bishop Henderson Chaplaincy                                                                                 

July: Taunton Town Centre Chaplaincy                             December: Children Society                                                                                                                                        

                                               Christmas Services: Children's Hospice SW