We breakout to the side hall during the sermon and following a Christian theme, explore the gospel message through activities and craft work


St Michael's Sunday School & Creche


Saplings - our group for 3 to 5 yrs olds

Holy Roots - our group for 6yrs to 11 yr olds


We currently follow a Scripture Union programme which explores stories from the

New + Old Testaments and teaches the children how what we are learning about God is relevant to their own lives


Activities include prayer, drama, crafts, games and much, much more!


Creche Area

We have a selection of toys available for toddlers to use with their carers at any point during the service.

Busy Bags are also available for children who wish to stay seated with their grown-ups

There is also a creative table with colouring and sticking activities.  Older children are also invited to use this before and after they go to their groups. We also have games available for older children to play should they so wish


Below -shows the back of the church during the beginning of the service. Having fun colouring and playing